Jakub Chmielniak
Jakub Chmielniak

Entrepreneur and
Humanist from Poland

Entrepreneur and
Humanist from Poland

In the beginning, as a kid, I discovered my talent in writing and I quickly began to dream of becoming a novelist. I have read a lot since I was 5 or 6 and somehow writing became my beloved idea of spending the rest of my life. I did some short stories and some poems too. Many years later, in 2007, as soon as I joined Jagiellonian University, I even wrote my first novel - but then my dream altered. Fascinated with classical literature and medieval philosophy, I started to consider the career of a university teacher. I heard the call, my mind was completely blown away with the evergreen ideas I found in Plato dialogues and some other dusty scriptures. I was writing articles for scientific magazines, delivering some lectures and co-organizing conferences - life was good, and yet I came to realization that I needed to make another shift in my journey. Not that I abandoned my goals and ambitions, not at all. The problem was that the present-day university, I discovered, was not a school of free thinking. Questions I wanted to ask were no longer addressed behind the walls of modern departments. And if I really want to pursue my ideals and intellectual ambitions then one day I need to open, along with my friends, my own school made on our own rules. And to reach that goal, I concluded, I need money, skills and international network. That's why in December 2011 I launched my first company, Mr. Gugu & Miss Go. The rest of the story is pretty well known and I talked about it on multiple occasions, including my podcast. Almost ten years later, things start to get some vivid shapes. Hop on board, join our group and see the backstage of everything going on in Lethe, Carpatree, Corner, DDOB - and Fanadise!
Jakub Chmielniak

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My goals remain the same and Fanadise, no different to my other startups, is supposed to help me achieve them:

Opening of the Humanist School of Civilization in South East Asia
Charitable work through the small network of primary schools and orphanages
My own intellectual work I had to pause for the greater good
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Jakub Chmielniak